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If you’re looking for north shore restaurants, then why not taste the flavours of South East Asia with MULAN’s ‘home-style’ Malaysian cuisine. “Chef James Balakrishnan has spearheaded a menu that elicits all the delightful flavours of his homeland, Malaysia.” – The Denizen 

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For those that want to experience authentic Malaysian, come to Birkenhead, Auckland and satisfy your taste buds with our home-style food. We love food, lots of different food, just like you.

When you think about, ‘what restaurants near me have gluten-free, celiac or my specific dietary requirement?’, think Mulan.

We cater to various dietary restrictions and offer vegetarian and vegan options

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Housed in a rustic building, we promise an intimate and relaxed atmosphere that ensures you enjoy a memorable Malaysian food experience every time you join us at our restaurant. It’s the Malaysian restaurant near you.